The Story of the Unsinkable Titanic

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The Story of the Unsinkable Titanic

Postby Titanic_Malaysia » Tue May 01, 2012 8:30 am

(Source: Amazon UK)

I was browsing at one of the local Popular Bookshops (a major chain here in Malaysia and Singapore) and while looking at some recipe books, something caught my wife's eye... Knowing my interest in the Titanic, she asked me to check out this book, which is the one titled "The Story of the Unsinkable Titanic"... I bought a copy straightaway, after getting their staff to open the protective plastic covering, and it cost me MYR59.90...

The book was a good read, with stories on what happened from the day the ship set sail up to that fateful encounter with the iceberg... There are loads of nice photographs of the ship as well as newspaper clippings on the disaster, from way back in 1912... It makes for nice reading pleasure together with the April issue of National Geographic Magazine, the one which talked about the discovery of the wreck in relation to the 100th year of the sinking...

And here's a simple review of the book I copied from Amazon UK:
The complete story of the legendary vessel from design to its building in Harland & Wolfs Belfast shipyard and a detailed chronicle of the catastrophic voyage lavishly illustrated with contemporary photographs, many of them previously unpublished.
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