Poland was launched as Victoria, for the Wilson & Furness-Leyland Line on 31st July, 1897, and was built at Furness Withy & Co., Hartlepool.

Poland underwent her maiden voyage on 6th January, 1898, between London and New York. In September of the same year, Poland, together with the rest of the fleet, was sold to the Atlantic Transport Line, who's ships were trooping for the U.S. Government, for the Spanish-American War. On the 4th of September, Poland made her first voyage as Victoria, then was renamed yet again to Manitou.

In 1902, Manitou was acquired by the I.M.M.C., and operated on the Red Star Line's Antwerp-Philadelphia route, and in their livery.

In 1906, Manitou was heading for Philadelphia off Land's End, and somehow managed to crack her propellor shaft, forward of the thrust block, and had to sail back to Falmouth to effect repairs.

In the August of 1914, Manitou moved to the Liverpool berth. She was refitted to carry 1,000 passengers in third class. Lifeboat provisioning was doubled to accommodate the extra carrying capacity.

In 1920, Manitou underwent a revision of name, becoming Poland once more, operating for the Red Star Line once again, but still registered to the Atlantic Transport Line.

On 26th April, 1922, Poland was transferred by the I.M.M.C., to the White Star Line, operating on the Bremen, Southampton, Quebec, Montreal route with her stablemate Vedic. With the icing up of  the St. Lawrence, Poland was laid up, having made only 3 voyages.

In 1925, Poland was sold for scrap, for £18,000. She was renamed Natalie, and broken up in Italy.



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