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Titanic's First Class Interiors FIRST CLASS SMOKING ROOM

'A' Deck behind Funnel No. 4.

Many of the Titanic's wealthy businessmen would retire here after dinner and partake in the usual port and cigars.
Titanic's First Class Interiors FIRST CLASS DINING SALOON

'D' Deck, between Funnels Nos. 3 & 4.

Over 500 people could dine in the huge and fantasticly elegant Jacobean-styled dining room.
Titanic's First Class Interiors GRAND STAIRCASE FOYER

'A' Deck, between 1st & 2nd funnels.

A truly lavish entrance for those wishing to 'make an entrance' into the First Class Reception Room! Visible on the 'landing' is the clock depicting Honor and Glory Crowning Time, and at the foot of the centre banister, you can see the small bronze statuette of a cherub since recovered by I.F.R.E.M.R.E. (Read about the Grand Staircase here.)
Titanic's First Class Interiors FIRST CLASS RECEPTION ROOM

'D' Deck, between Grand Staircase & First Class Dining Room

First Class passengers could meet up for aperitifs with fellow diners prior to taking their seats in the adjacent Dining Saloon. Some would also retire here after dinner.
Titanic's First Class Interiors VERANDAH CAFE & PALM COURT

'A' Deck, aft of First Class Smoking Saloon
Titanic's First Class Interiors CAFE PARISIAN

Starboard 'B' Deck, aft of 4th funnel.

This was a daytime haunt for a lot of Titanic's younger, affluent set.
Titanic's First Class Interiors GYMNASIUM

Starboard Boat Deck adjacent to Funnel No. 2.

The Gymnasium was equipped with modern electrical exercise machines, such as the electric camel, amongst others.
Titanic's First Class Interiors SUITE B-52, 54, 56

Port side of 'B' Deck

One of the two 'Millionnaire Suites' located on either side of 'B' Deck, the suite had its own promenade, which looked out to sea. This was occupied by Bruce Ismay on Titanic's maiden voyage.
Titanic's First Class Interiors FIRST CLASS BARBER

C Deck next adjacent to the aft First Class Entrance.

There were three Barbers aboard Titanic to cut the hair or shave the passengers in First Class, Herbert Klein, Augustus Weikman, and Arthur White, who was an Assistant Barber. Passengers could also buy gifts and souvenirs here. This is actually Olympic's Barbers.


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