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Titanic Grand Staircase

One of the three main areas immortalised in James Cameron's movie Titanic was the Grand Staircase, the other two areas were of course the bow and the stern. The Grand Staircase was located between the first and second funnels, and entry on the Boat deck level was found immediately before the Gymnasium, going forward to aft.

The Grand Staircase allowed Titanic's First Class passengers to descend the five levels down from the First Class Entrance on the Boat deck and as far down as the First Class Reception and Dining Rooms on 'D' deck, and then further still to the First Class accomodations down on 'E' deck.

Titanic Grand StaircaseA massive dome constructed of ornate wrought ironwork and glass covered the entrance, allowing the ingress of natural daylight, and at night, the dome was illuminated, showing-off the ornate craftsmanship to its best.

Entering at the Boat deck, passengers went down the first set of stairs to 'A' deck, where both the First Class Lounge and the Reading & Writing Room were located. Decks 'B' and 'C' were also served, as these were almost entirely First Class accomodation. 'D' deck of course was the location of the First Class Dining Room, and the First Class Reception Room, and 'E' deck was home to much more First Class accomodation, albeit on the starboard side only.

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