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The Irish port of Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, was of course the last port Titanic called at on April 11th, 1912. Cobh has a 'Titanic Trail' which takes you around the port and the town, showing items and places of interest to Titanic enthusiasts.

Cunard's Lusitania is also remembered in the town of Cobh. Sunk in 1915 by a U-Boat, many of her victims are buried close by, and there is a memorial dedicated to the ship and her victims.

Photographs and captions kind permission of Paul Rogers.


Titanic Memorial Cobh
The Titanic Memorial at Cobh.
The full inscription reads: "Commemorating R.M.S. Titanic and her last port of call on her maiden and final voyage, April 11, 1912. In special memory of the Irish emigrants and all those who lost their lives in this great tragedy. Ar Dheis De Go Raibh a N-Anamacha. Memorial erected by the Titanic Historical Society, the Irish Titanic Historical Society, and the people of Cobh."
Lusitania Memorial Cobh
This memorial to the Lusitania can be found in Casement Square, Cobh, near St. Colman's Cathedral.
Lusitania Memorial Cobh
Outside the Cobh Heritage Centre is the statue of Annie Moore and her two brothers. Annie Moore was the first ever emigrant to be processed in Ellis Island when it officially opened on 1st January 1892. According to the website Maritime Memorials of the Irish and Celtic Seas: "Annie and her brothers sailed from Queenstown [Cobh] on the SS Nevada on December 20. They arrived after 12 days of traveling in steerage. The statue outside Cobh Heritage Centre was unveiled by President Mary Robinson on the 9th February 1993. A similar statue of Annie can be found in Ellis Island, New York which represents not only the honour of her being the first emigrant to pass through Ellis Island but also stands as a symbol of the many Irish who have embarked on that very same journey."
Titanic Trail Cobh
The plaque found near the Deepwater Quay, highlighting the "Titanic Trail."

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