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Real Titanic Characters

Character: Jack Dawson
Played By: Leonardo DeCaprio
Fact/Fiction: Fiction!

The male lead character in Titanic, Jack Dawson, was NOT an actual person, and Cameron creates the scenario of him (and his friend Fabrizio) winning their tickets in a "lucky hand of poker", to explain away the fact that neither of their names appear on the passenger list, quite imaginative!

Real Titanic Characters

Character: Rose DeWitt Bukater
Played By: Kate Winslet
Fact/Fiction: Fiction!

Titanic's female lead character, Rose Dewitt Bukater, is again NOT an actual person, however, Rose, together with the rest of the Hockley entourage, are representative of a typicaly wealthy family of the era. I can see why Cal and Jack were fighting over her, there's not many seventeen-year old girls will lie there naked while you draw them!

Real Titanic Characters

Character: Cal Hockley
Played By: Billy Zane
Fact/Fiction: Fiction!

Super control freak Cal Hockley was another work of fiction, and a nasty one at that! He was heir to his father's steel company, which was quite ironic, since Jack would 'steal' Rose from him during the journey! Geddit!? Poor Cal was quite upset by the time he got to New York, he'd lost his girl and his diamond, both replaceable I suppose, but worst of all, he had lost his 'man', Spicer Lovejoy, in the sinking!

Real Titanic Characters

Character: Ruth DeWitt Bukater
Played By: Frances Fisher
Fact/Fiction: Fiction!

Ruth DeWitt Bukater, yet another fictional character, may have had a rather fancy name, but all of the family's millions had been whittled away to next to nothing, so it was Ruth's job to ensure that only an heir to a fortune could get their hands on a jewel like Rose! She failed miserably, I wonder what happened to her?

Real Titanic Character

Character: Fabrizio DeRossi
Played By: Danny Nucci
Fact/Fiction: Fiction!

Jack Dawson's best mate, Fabrizio, was another fictional character, however, if he had of been someone from history, they might have spent a bit more time on teaching him how to sound like an Italian!

Real Titanic Characters

Character: Margaret Brown
Played By: Kathy Bates
Fact/Fiction: Fact!

Margaret "Molly" Brown was a REAL person, she did exist, and most of what you hear about her in the movie is correct. However, any interaction with any of the fictional characters, like the meeting on the boat deck with Jack and Rose, should be dismissed. A plain-talking, down to earth woman, she probably taught Jack to spit!

Margaret "Molly" Brown

Real Titanic Character

Character: Thomas Andrews
Played By: Victor Garber
Fact/Fiction: Fact!

Thomas Andrews was of course a real person, he worked for Harland and Wolff, and he was aboard Titanic as part of the nine-man guarantee group to oversee the maiden voyage. Unfortunately, either Cameron or Garber decided to give him some lilting southern Ireland accent, instead of the broad Belfast accent he would surely have had!

Thomas Andrews

Real Titanic Character

Character: Captain Smith
Played By: Bernard Hill
Fact/Fiction: Fact!

Captain Smith was of course a REAL person, he was Master of the R.M.S. Titanic , and Commodore of the White Star Line too. Personally, I wasn't too happy with Cameron's treatment of him, especially when the decision to uncover the lifeboats is made, it was a bit lacking to be honest.

Captain Smith

Real Titanic Character

Character: Countess of Rothes
Played By: Rochelle Rose
Fact/Fiction: Fact!

The Countess of Rothes was indeed a REAL person, although in real life she would probably be able to talk, whereas in the movie, she just seemed to nod all the time, perhaps she had a sore throat!

Countess of Rothes

Real Titanic Character

Character: Brock Lovett
Played By: Bill Paxton
Fact/Fiction: Fiction!

Another fictional character, the treasure-seeking Brock Lovett, who thinks he's hit the jackpot when Rose's daughter Lizzie steps out of the helicopter onto the deck of the Keldysh! In an outrageous attempt to seduce Lizzie, he tells her, "I never let it in before". Well, she didn't fall for that one Mr. Lovett, even given your surname.

Real Titanic Character

Character: Joseph Bruce Ismay
Played By: Jonathan Hyde
Fact/Fiction: Fact.

Joseph Bruce Ismay was a REAL person, he was Chairman of the White Star Line, the company who owned Titanic , but despite his position, Cameron belittled him in some scenes, especially with Rose's 'Freud joke' at dinner! He did board a lifeboat as seen in the movie, and his actions would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Joseph Bruce Ismay

Real Titanic Character

Character: Archibald Gracie
Played By: Bernard Fox
Fact/Fiction: Fact!

Archibald Gracie was indeed a REAL person, but again, any interaction with any of Titanic's fictional characters should be discounted. Archibald Gracie provided one of my favourite lines in the movie, which I kept repeating to my wife when I was taking her for driving lessons..... 'Women and machinery don't mix!' What a guy!!

Archibald Gracie


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