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Titanic Stamps Sandy pictured with an award presented to her by the Manawatu Philatelic Society in 2002 for her fantastic exhibition.

One of the Titanic Forum members, Sandy (Sandyj) Johnston, of Wanganui, New Zealand, posted a small part of her award-winning collection of Titanic stamps in the Forum for us all to admire, and because of the interest generated by her collection, she then agreed to me creating something more permanent here on the Titanic Titanic! website proper, so here is some of Sandy's collection, I hope you like it!

With the resurgence of interest in Titanic because of James Cameron's 1998 blockbusting film 'TITANIC', many countries saw a 'money bandwagon' to jump onto, so they did and they made lots of money from those of us who collect stamp related items on the Titanic. Some of the issues are very nice, some a bit gaudy, but they are all usable in an exhibit – although some countries issues are doubtful as to whether they were really sold over the post office counter to go onto mail and pass through the postal system, but I won't go into that here.

These six large souvenir sheets are from Madagascar, and were issued either on their own, or with a large ‘story book' at an extra cost of course… that they could be put into to protect them.

Titanic StampsTitanic Stamps

Titanic StampsTitanic Stamps

Titanic StampsTitanic Stamps


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