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Titanic's Turkish Baths

Titanic's Turkish Baths were located on the starboard side of 'F' Deck, just behind the swimming pool, and ahead of the Third Class Dining Room. The suite comprised of a steam room, a hot room, a temperate room, shampooing rooms, a toilet, and finally a cooling room for the needs of the weary traveller. It was probably one of the ship's most opulent areas, and was of course strictly for the use of Titanic's First Class Passengers only.

A quite novel state-of-the-art piece of equipment installed in Titanic's Turkish Baths resembled a bed with a cover that left only the user's head exposed. Inside the cover was an arrangement of electric light bulbs, and the heat created by these bulbs was supposed to be beneficial to the user.

The walls of Titanic's Turkish Baths were lined with tiles in large panels of blue and green, and there were Moorish touches throughout, including a finely carved Cairo curtain to conceal the portholes and Arab-style lamps which hung from the tiled wall panels. A marble fresh-water drinking fountain was also provided to ensure users of the Turkish Baths did not become dehydrated.

Titanic's Turkish BathsUse of Titanic's Turkish Baths was not free, tickets could be purchased and there was a charge of 4 shillings (4s) or 1 dollar ($1) per person and there were a total of five Turkish Bath Stewards amongst Titanic's crew, two of which were female, Annie Caton and Maude Slocombe.

In 2005, James Cameron visited the wreck in preparation of the Discovery Channel production 'Last Mysteries Of The Titanic'. Cameron and his crew successfully managed to navigate an R.O.V. (Remotely Operated Vehicle) right in to Titanic's Turkish Baths. The footage was highly impressive, and it was amazing to see much of the ornate and colourful tiles still in place.



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