Zeppelin was launched on June 9th, 1914 in the Vegesack shpyard of Bremer Vulkan AG, for the Norddeutscher Lloyd Line. but with the outbreak of World War 1, she was laid up for the duration of the hostilities in the January of 1915, structurally complete.

On March 28th, 1919, Zeppelin was surrendered to Great Britain, and managed by the White Star Line, whilst still in her Norddeutscher Lloyd Line colours.

In 1920, Zeppelin was sold to the Orient Line by the Ministry Of Transport, at the same time taking the new guise of Ormuz. A  refit at Harland and Wolff to change her accommodations to suit her new owner's plans saw her altered to take on 293 in first class, and 882 passengers in third. Ormuz then made her first sailing between London and Australia for the Orient Line, on 12th November, 1921.

In the April of 1927, Ormuz was purchased once more by the Norddeutscher Lloyd Line, who this time renamed her Dresden, and she was once more refitted to accommodate 399 in first class, 288 in tourist, and 284 passengers in third. Dresden began sailing on the Bremen - New York route in August the same year.

On June 20th, 1934, Dresden was cruising off the coast of Norway, 20 miles from Haugesund, when she struck a rock. She was refloated, but as a precaution, she was beached near Blikshavn, on Karmoy Island. In the early hours of the following morning, Dresden started to list, and by 8.00a.m., she had fallen onto her port side. The Norwegian vessel Kong Haaken came to the ill-fated Dresden's aid, bringing all of the passengers and some of the crew into Haugesund. Sadly, one passenger died during the transfer between the two vessels.

Dresden was broken-up where she lay by a company of Stavanger ship breakers.



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