Sea the World: The Educational Benefits of Student Exchange Programs on Cruise Ships

Taking some time abroad while in college sounds like a dream to many college students. This is an opportunity to grow, see the world, and make new friends while also continuing your education.

But do you know that apart from traditional exchange opportunities, there is also an option to study on a cruise ship? If not, read on, and we will tell you everything you need to know about such programs and their benefits!

What Are Student Exchange Programs on Cruise Ships?

These are atypical study abroad programs designed for high school, college, and university students. The programs imply that you will live and study on a cruise ship. The best part? You will get a chance to visit nearly a dozen different countries without interrupting your education.

Some examples of such programs are:

  • Seamester;
  • Semester at Sea;
  • SEA Semester;
  • Evolve Abroad;
  • And many others.

Cruise Exchange vs. Traditional Study Abroad


According to NAFSA, in the 2020-2021 academic year, over 14,500 US students participated in some kind of study abroad program. This number declined 91% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, now, taking some time overseas to study is trending again. Yet, not so many young people seem to participate in cruise programs. And that might be simply due to a lack of knowledge about such opportunities.

So, what makes these programs so great?

Typically, exchange programs allow you to continue your education while living in one country for several weeks and up to a year. This experience fully immerses you in the ways of living at your destination, which is awesome as it helps you broaden your horizons and learn new cultures. However, such opportunities limit your possibility of seeing more. Even if you have enough time to travel during your exchange period, most likely, your trips will be short and narrowed to nearby areas.

In order to ensure learning continuity during your travel, you will also need to seek professional academic support. Luckily, all you need to do is rely on EssayService to write my essay. Professional writers will take care of your assignments while you are exploring the world. Still, your possibilities will be quite limited.

On the other hand, if you study on a cruise ship, you get less immersion. Yet, you can experience not one but two, five, or 10+ countries at the same time. This means twice (or more) more experiences, cultures, and memories. Respectively, there is much more growth and benefits.

7 Educational (and Not Only) Perks of Student Exchange Programs on Cruise Ships


1. Gain A-Class Education

When you study in college or university, you can only gain knowledge from the faculty of your school. However, when you join an exchange program, you get a chance to expand this knowledge and learn from dozens of other experts from different parts of the world. Reputable organizations always select top-rated professors, many of whom are internationally recognized in their industries. So it’s a chance to improve your education.

2. Get Real-World Experience

In order to seamlessly fit academic curriculum into a liner’s route, many organizations encourage professors to take their classes beyond the ship. For example, with Semester at Sea, you can learn history right at the Parthenon in Greece and attend other historical landmarks to get real-world experience and deepen your knowledge.

3. Explore Different Subject Areas

According to statistics, as many as 75% of students change their major at least one time, so it’s quite common to feel undecided about what you want to study, especially during your first years in college. Unfortunately, schools do not always give you enough time and resources to try different options and discover your passions. But cruise programs are different. They often offer a broad selection of subject areas and classes that you can choose from with zero pressure. Hence, they give you a chance to try different subjects and decide what feels right for you.

4. Try New Hobbies


Though it doesn’t sound like an educational benefit, it actually is. Leisure activities that you enjoy are scientifically proven to improve your psychological and physical well-being. Namely, having a hobby can help you release anxiety, reduce stress levels, gain confidence, and, as a result, boost your academic performance. Sadly, students often are so busy in college that they simply have no time to try different activities and discover their hobbies. On top of that, they also often lack money to afford various classes.

Cruise liners that take students on board typically offer lots of free-time activities. These can include language and art courses, yoga classes, zip-lining, surfing, and much more. There are options to fit all tastes. And when you have all these choices right on your “campus,” it’s easy to find enough time to try them all out and find your new passions.

5. Network

Programs like this bring together students from every part of the world and create a truly diverse, multicultural environment. This fact means several benefits at once:

  • A chance to make lifelong friends;
  • An opportunity to explore even more cultures;
  • A chance to hone your foreign language skills;
  • A possibility to improve your communication skills.

Also, by extending your network like this, you might as well gain interesting educational, career, and personal opportunities in the future.

6. Grow Personally and Gain New Skills


When you put yourself out of your comfort zone, visit new places, and meet new people, you remove the boundaries and become the best version of yourself. That’s why studying abroad has long been linked to personal growth. According to numerous experts and surveys, students who participate in such programs tend to be more adaptable, flexible, and intelligent. They also improve their language, critical thinking, problem-solving, and many other skills. Needless to say, this helps them in their future studies and careers, too.

7. Gain a Professional Advantage

Probably everyone knows that landing your first job after college isn’t easy. Students with zero professional experience and real-world skills often struggle when they enter the labor market. But what if we tell you that studying on a cruise ship can give you a competitive advantage?

In fact, this is true. Studies reveal that 25% of HRs believe that people who were in study abroad programs can better adapt to new environments and, hence, are better candidates for global businesses. Employers also believe that these people have stronger skills. That is, mentioning your experience on a resume can show potential employers that you are bold, ambitious, and able to thrive in multicultural environments. This will be a big advantage during the job search process.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, taking a semester in the sea can be incredibly fruitful for you. So what are you waiting for? Find the best essay writing service to delegate your current academic matters and take time to explore the available options. And once you find a suitable opportunity, be sure to grab it and make the most out of it! The benefits are worth it.