Cruising 101: Essential Tips for First-Time Student Cruisers

Are you thinking about going on vacation but don’t know what to pick? If you’re up for sea travel, there are numerous options to choose from. Even if you are a student with a very limited budget or no previous vacation experiences, you will find something you like. For example, you can always explore the ocean and go on a cruise.

Have you ever dreamt about turquoise waters, exotic destinations, and endless buffets? A cruise might be the perfect escape you’ve been waiting for. For students, a cruise is an exciting and memorable experience without huge expenses. Don’t think about this getaway as spending two weeks on the same boat; it is a whole new adventure!

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So, are you ready for your first sea adventure? Here are all the essential tips you need to know as a first-time student cruiser!

Always Do Your Research


It can be pretty tricky to pick a cruise that would be a perfect match for your expectations. There are tours that don’t stop anywhere, which is a terrible option when you want to experience other cultures. Furthermore, each cruise has its target travelers. For example, some are specifically designed to suit elderly retired couples. So, the scheduled activities won’t be any fun for students.

Consider these as you go through your options:

  • onboard activities;
  • dining and eating options;
  • stops along the way;
  • shore excursions;
  • budget.

If you feel like there are too many options, try looking for a travel agency specializing in student travel. They will be glad to help you in your search and find the best cruise for you!

Find the Perfect Cruise Line

You will quickly find that each cruise line has its unique atmosphere, services, and amenities. From party-centric ships to luxury liners with spas, there’s a cruise for every personality. Make sure that your journey will match your vibe! For example, students often choose lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean for entertainment.

Try to Pack Smart


Even though you will be on a ship almost the whole time, there is no reason to overpack! Efficient packing is key to a stress-free cruise experience. Most cruise cabins offer limited storage space. This is why you need to pack light and choose versatile clothing items you can wear in different settings! You will need to take:

  • sunscreen;
  • swimwear;
  • comfortable walking shoes;
  • formal attire for evening dinners;
  • any medication that you might need.

Stay Connected Online

Some students prefer to go off the grid on vacation. Yet, if you are not one of those travelers, buying onboard Wi-Fi packages might be a good idea. This way, you can stay in touch with friends and family at home! You might also need internet access to stay informed about upcoming assignment deadlines and exams if you’re traveling in the middle of your college semester. It’s convenient to be able to reach your professors, fellow students, or writers who can help you with homework.

However, these packages can be quite pricey. Consider buying internet access only when necessary or using offline messaging apps.

Take Advantage of Onboard Activities

It might be fun to decompress, take in the sun, and spend your days in a swimming pool. Yet, you might get bored after a few days. So, make sure you give all onboard activities a try. From poolside parties to culinary workshops, there’s no shortage of entertainment to keep you busy while cruising!

Don’t Forget About Safety Measures


Cruises are perfectly safe even for first-time travelers. However, sometimes, you just need to take safety and well-being into your own hands. Make sure you know the ship’s emergency procedures well. This includes muster drills and evacuation routes. You should be prepared for unexpected situations that might happen during your travel!

Always Respect Ship Etiquette

Apart from safety, you need to remember the basic rules of cruise behavior. Thousands of people are on the ship, so it’s important to consider their comfort, too. For example, you should always follow the dinner dress code and use the designated smoking areas. Respectful behavior like this can make your experience even more pleasant!

Think About Your Preferred Destination

Sometimes, it’s nice to spend your vacation on a ship that travels around a bit and returns to the port. On second thoughts, wouldn’t it be fun to travel somewhere and have fun while doing it? Do you crave Caribbean sunshine, Mediterranean history, or Alaskan glaciers? As soon as you set your final destination, picking your cruise line will be much easier.

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Enjoy Your Experience


Trying something new for the first time can be rather scary. Yet, even students on a budget can embrace the chance to go on a cruise! Take advantage of the unique experiences, from dining under the stars to watching breathtaking sunsets at sea. This adventure could be the start of your new passion!


So, here you have it: nine foundational tips for first-time student cruisers! Going on a huge ship in an open sea for two weeks can be very fun if you do your research beforehand. By planning ahead and embracing the opportunity, you can have the vacation of a lifetime! So, don’t waste any more time and ensure your first-time cruising experience is amazing!