Road Trips Around the Islands: Combining a Car and a Yacht Trip

Combined travel is becoming increasingly popular. Why choose between sea romance, surrounded by the mysterious ocean abyss and picturesque landscapes, and unforgettable road adventures?
If you’re dreaming of a great thrilling adventure, combined trips will ignite your fantasies for sure. So let’s look at the most popular scenic itinerary ideas in the US to find the best one for you.

In Search of Perfect Coastal View


The Pacific Coast Highway is a unique challenge for the modern traveler. The iconic highway stretches for more than 600 miles along California’s coastlines. The road is dotted with picturesque photo zones and vantage points of the ocean and mountains. Pleasant bonuses of such a driving adventure will be the experience of surfing, the glamor of Los Angeles, seaside villages with local farm delicacies, and wine-making delights.

The total journey time along California Route 1 is 10 hours on a whirlwind tour. In this case, any stop is only for essential needs: to have a snack and sleep. For ambitious vacation plans, consider at least a week-long road journey. To forget about problems and enjoy the romance of travel, take into account the following tips before your trip.

What To Consider While Planning A Big Voyage

Make your travel pleasant and hassle-free! Here are some things to consider before a car trip across the USA:

  • Whatever your starting point, a comfortable car is something that no trip can do without. Use the site to check the rental locations and cost of a road trip across America. Also, check customer reviews as a help to select the reliable supplier and appropriate vehicle. For a group or family joyride, a minivan could be a vehicle of choice. The main benefits of a 7- or 9-passenger van are a comfortable spacious interior, plenty of legroom, retractable rows of seats, and the ability to carry a lot of luggage. If you plan to rent a 9-seater van, do not forget to check out all the deals available for chosen dates to find the most suitable one. With the best car rental in the USA, there is no need to decide between comfort and savings.
  • Bear Flag State can boast a mild climate and the absence of rough weather conditions all through the year. However, the best time to visit is still late spring, summer, and the first autumn months.
  • July and August are times of peak demand in California. During this period, tourists frequently encounter congested traffic and crowds in popular spots.
  • Make sure to reserve a car in advance. Get the advantage of a more reasonable price and the opportunity to choose the desired category of the vehicle (or even a guaranteed model).

After exploring new itineraries, it’s time to go on a relaxing ocean cruise.

Utmost Destinations for Yacht Voyage


A yacht cruise is a great way to explore the main attractions of North America:

  • New England coastline extending from southwestern Connecticut to northeastern Maine
  • Pacific North-West landscape
  • Everglade State of Florida with almost 3000 sunshine hours per year
  • Alaska coast and the San Juan islands with amazing wildlife, awe-inspiring vistas of glaciers, and scenic sunsets.

As an example, the rental of a 3-cabin catamaran which can accommodate up to 6 people, featuring electric winches, radar, generator, BBQ, a flat-screen TV, and audio system costs around $2,000 per day (with a refundable deposit of $4,500). In the high season, the yacht trip cost reaches $20,000-50,000 per week, depending on the itinerary, yacht model, and provided facilities. Do not forget to take essentials while planning a yacht trip.

Preparing for sea voyage: What to put in the bag

The following list will help you to decide what to take on a yacht trip to guarantee yourself a pleasant pastime:

  • Portable Charger
  • Medications (some dramamine and analgesics)
  • Bottle of water
  • Headdress (cap)
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof bags
  • Light clothing that covers your shoulders on sunny days. Or a windbreaker for cooler seasons.

The best way to continue a big US journey after going ashore is to move to luxurious and sunny Florida!

Crossing The Sea By Car


Florida’s most scenic highway U.S. 1 goes along the Atlantic Coast before veering east at Miami and ending in astonishing Bone Island. In Florida, the Hwy runs about 550 miles. The iconic road carries the Overseas Highway which is a wonderful idea for sea lovers. The Overseas Highway got its name due to the peculiarity of the road which goes across the sea. It stretches 110 miles from the Florida Keys to Cayo Hueso. A three-hour trip around coral reefs, picturesque islands, and endless ocean waters will be the quintessence of the adventure.

Must-do Stops in Florida

Wandering what to do in a car trip across the Sunshine State? During a multi-day journey by the Florida Highway you will have an opportunity to admire the following sights:

  • Ancient City of St. Augustine with a revitalized sense of history. The best place for splendid panoramic shots of the city and the ocean is the local lighthouse. Do not miss the chance to visit an outdoor amphitheater situated on Anastasia Island.
  • Windswept Canaveral National Seashore. From canoeing and horseback riding to surfing and bird watching, this preserve and natural resource center has something to amaze.
  • Fort Lauderdale will make you experience culture and art shock. Start with a walk along Las Olas Boulevard with an air of merriment and serenity. Experience street art with famous city murals and set aside a few hours to relax at the local Diplomat beach.
  • Touch the luxury and drive of Magic City and South Beach. Take time to experience a boat ride through Biscayne National Park and see the only living coral barrier reef in the States. Another part of Miami that impresses with outstanding museums and architectural art.
  • Give yourself aesthetic pleasure by wandering along the iconic Ocean Drive street in South Beach. The street is rife with exquisite restaurants and luxury boutiques.

While you’re on the coast of sunny Florida, take a catamaran cruise from Palm Beach. During the sea voyage, you will have views of the best local beaches, Peanut Island Park, and the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum. Drinks and snacks are available at the onboard bar. The cost of such a two-hour cruise starts from $45 per person. Book a yacht trip ahead of time. Remember that during the busy summer season, such service is especially popular.