How To Make a Short Documentary About the Titanic: 5 Editing Tips

How To Make a Short Documentary About the Titanic

Creating something from scratch seeks creativity, even when that something is a short documentary that should be informative. Some might think that making documentaries is easy, but there are certain standards you need to follow, and above all, you need to create a video that will be interesting for the viewers, which can sometimes be …

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The Historical Accuracy Of Titanic Movie Costumes

Almost all of us have watched “Titanic” at least once in our life, or we know a lot about it. We also know for people who watched it once and can’t do it again, those who simply stop the movie once the sad scenes begin so they won’t cry again. As we know, the team …

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Discovery Of R.M.S. Carpathia

A U.S. expedition confirmed Friday it had located the wreck of RMS Carpathia, the ship that rescued 705 survivors from the Titanic and that was later torpedoed by a German U boat. American author Clive Cussler and founder of the National Underwater & Marine Agency said the wreck that was found last spring was confirmed as thec Carpathia last …

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