Titanic First Class Passenger – WIDENER, Mrs Eleanor

  • Age: 50
  • Date of Birth:
  • Place of Residence: Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
  • Embarked at: Cherbourg, France ( List ) on Wednesday, 10th April, 1912
  • Ticket Number: 113503
  • Price Of Ticket: £211 10s 0d
  • Cabin Number:
  • Class: First Class Passengers
  • Destination: Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
  • Survived: Yes ( List )
  • Lifeboat Number: No. 4
  • Location Buried:


Eleanor Widener was traveling with her husband, George Dunton Widener, and the couple’s son, Harry Elkins Widener, and they all boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg, France, on Wednesday, 10th April, 1912, traveling to Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

Also traveling with the Widener contingent was Edwin Herbert Keeping, George Dunton Widener’s valet, and Amalie Henriette Gieger, Eleanor Widener’s maid.

George Dunton Widener, Harry Elkins Widener, and Edwin Herbert Keeping were all lost in the sinking, and only the body of Edwin Herbert Keeping was recovered and identified. Eleanor Widener and Amalie Henriette Gieger both managed to board lifeboat No. 4, and survived the sinking of Titanic.

Eleanor Widener died of an embolism on 13th July, 1937.