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Benjamin Guggenheim

Benjamin Guggenheim was traveling with his mistress, Leontine Pauline Aubert and his personal valet, Victor Giglio. The Guggenheim party all boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg, France, on Wednesday, 10th April, 1912, and were all bound for New York City, New York.

Benjamin Guggenheim saw his mistress, Leontine Pauline Aubert, safely onto lifeboat No. 9, then he and his valet, Victor Giglio, changed into their best evening wear. When asked if he was going to try to save himself, Benjamin Guggenheim famously replied; "We have dressed in our best, and are prepared to go down like gentlemen."

Benjamin Guggenheim and Victor Giglio were both lost in the sinking of Titanic, and their bodies were not recovered, but Leontine Pauline Aubert managed to board lifeboat No. 9, and survived.

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