Titanic Wreck Location

When Dr. Robert Ballard discovered the wreck of Titanic in 1985, the position and state of the wreck were no longer open to guesses and conjecture; the truth was now known, and only a few days after the discovery of the wreck, Robert Ballard held a press conference at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to tell the world’s press about his team’s amazing discovery – Titanic – and where she now lay.

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He briefly outlined the wreck to the hushed room;

“The Titanic lies in 13,000 feet of water on a gently sloping alpine-like countryside overlooking a small canyon below. Its bow faces north and the ship sits upright on the bottom. There is no light at this great depth and little life can be found. It is a quiet and peaceful and fitting place for the remains of this greatest of sea tragedies to rest. May it forever remain that way and may God bless these found souls.” – Dr. Robert Ballard, 9th September 1985
Titanic’s final reported position on the night of the sinking was 41°46′ N, 50° 14′ W, however, once the wreck had been discovered, this position was proven to be out by a margin of approximately 13.5 miles, which was one of the main reasons previous expeditions by the likes of Jack Grimm had failed to find the wreck.

Location of Titanic’s bow section
49° 56′ 49″ W, 41° 43′ 57″ N

Location of Titanic’s stern section
49° 56′ 54″ W, 41° 43′ 35″ N

Location of Titanic’s heavier wreckage
49° 56′ 49″ W, 41° 43′ 32″ N

Depth to Titanic’s wreck – 12,600ft

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The bow and stern sections lie approximately 600ft apart, and because of the planing actions both parts probably underwent during their descent, their respective positions on the seabed are not likely to be directly below where Titanic foundered. However, Titanic’s larger items of debris, such as boilers that broke free during the split, are muchmore likely to have dropped straight down to the seabed like the proverbial rock, so it’s reasonable to make the assumption that Titanic foundered at

49° 56′ 49″ W, 41° 43′ 32″ N