Titanic Memorials: Womens Titanic Memorial

The statue here on the left is the Titanic Women’s Memorial, and it was erected in Washington, D.C. in Rock Creek Park.

The statue was designed by Mrs. Gertrude Vanderbuilt Whitney, and depicts a partially-clad male figure, facing East. The face is said to resemble her brother, who coincidentally died on the Lusitania.

It was unveiled on 26th May 1931, some 19 years after the Titanic disaster, by Mrs. William Howard Taft, the wife of former President William H. Taft. Attending the unveiling ceremony were President Herbert Hoover and several key Cabinet members.

In 1966, some 54 years after the disaster, the statue had to be moved to make way for the John F. Kennedy School For The Performing Arts. It was dis-assembled and placed in storage for three years until being re-assembled in its new location near Fort McNair close to Haines Point.

source: wherethebeltwayends.wordpress.com